The Only Way Out…

The Only Way Out...

I came across this quote from Robert Frost recently; “the only way out is through.” We all sometimes encounter what seem to be insurmountable obstacles. While in the proverbial mire, it’s extremely difficult to focus much beyond the current situation. However, I believe that while trudging through the current obstacle, inspiration for something better is born.

Inspiration comes from looking further into all angles, even those ideas that earlier that may have been deemed impossible. Taking the time to work through what seems to be improbable creates opportunity to connect the dots…in a direction that would not have revealed itself unless we were facing the obstacle.

The point is not to become overburdened with the obstacle, but focus on what’s on the “other side” and the avenues of approach to get there. Success comes when we continually seek improvement and not settling for the current situation we may find ourselves, obstacle or not. So, if you’re “in”…the only way out is through. Keep going.

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