Outside the comfort zone…innovation; continued II

So I have settled from the holiday excitement of the f’s: food, family and football and now returning to the reality of working.  To continue with the innovation blog series I started a few weeks ago about people that have created a product or service in the funeral industry that is closely defined, “improve something with a new idea or procedure, or produce a product using a new or better way.”

I was introduced by a friend to Danny Morning of Ireland and his innovative product named Print-A-Plate (www.printaplate.com).   Danny created the Print-A-Plate system in 2001 and was granted a European Patent and eventually a US Patent, and the product is only available from those granted distribution by Morning’s Print-A-Plate, LTD.  Within 2 years of entering the Irish market, 65% of the nameplates used in Ireland were from this simple effective method.

When Danny touted “simple to use,” he really meant what he said.  My first hands-on exposure to the system was at Brenna Funeral Home in Trenton, NJ and shown by Owner/Licensed Funeral Director Frank Immordino.  Frank showed me the simple process of creating a name on his computer with the template provided, printing onto the vinyl sheet, affixing the sheet to a plate and then melding the two together…taking place in a matter of about three minutes.  Then Frank shared with me how he uses the plates with nearly all of both his burial and cremation cases.  In our world of touting personalization for funerals, this certainly fits nicely.

As with anything that I endorse or call attention to, I personally use the product or service in our funeral homes with real funeral directors and actual families.  We all have had experienced issues with custom engraving; delivery, incorrect spelling/dates, expense and angst that accompanies customization.  Print-A-Plate completely eradicates all of those factors.  The wholesale cost offered at reasonable retail with peace of mind of on time and delivering what a family really wants is much welcomed.

Our funeral directors have become very creative with the designs and the response from the families have been nothing but positive.  The simple process, cost effectiveness and family satisfaction-factor really deliver with the Print-A-Plate system…making Danny Morning’s innovation for the funeral service markets something worth talking about and taking a look.



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