At Need Payment Plans?

funeral paymentDaily, families are making choices how to honor their deceased loved one’s life.  In an already emotionally difficult circumstance, making funeral decisions when finances are an issue only exacerbates the already strenuous situation.  With no pre-need, little to no life insurance, limited credit card balances or cash increase the families’ anxiety.

What options are provided by your funeral home to balance the family’s financial situation and your revenue requirements? Take a look at Funeral Pay Plan options for funeral payment plans. After all, we make payments on practically every major purchase in our lives…why not offer families the ability to make payments for a death?

  1. Over the years, we have tried to use some of those At-Need Funeral Financing firms. The concept is a great idea. However, my experience was always a bad one. Most of the families who actually needed the extended payout options were unable to qualify for the financing. It is such a difficult time with emotions and stress at a high level that it just made the situation worse when I had to approach the family to say……I’m sorry, but you did not meet the financing requirement for funeral funding. Not only does it add additional stress to the family, it adds it to the funeral arranger. My experience with at-need funding companies is like listening to the phone book AD Sales reps. Our company is the very best, most used by the local residents……..AND….we have the numbers to prove it!! Many of the families we serve have been caught at a time when their available funds are short or their credit score may have fallen due to other circumstances. My experience has been that you must be the cream of the crop, to get the financing. For me…outsourcing the funding has been a very bad experience. Now, this is just my own personal experience as of today’s date. I’m not against ay At-Need Funding organizations and I most certainly would love to be able to outsource the financing. It’s just hard for me to wrap my faith around outside funding companies. Others may have had success but I’m still waiting for a funding company who has the same faith in my families as I do.
    Randall L Shipman
    Shipman Funeral Home & Crematory
    Wagoner, Oklahoma


  2. Jeff Harbeson said:


    Thank you for your response and sharing your less than positive experiences. All of what you shared it true…I am a funeral home owner/partner with 2 locations and we serve around 300 families a year. The at need funding has never been successful because lenders/bankers/credit companies have no clue of how we conduct our business, not the tools we need. I personally developed every step, process, plan and tested in our funeral homes ever before with other firms.

    I would like to have the opportunity to send you information and personally walk you through At Need Credit. My email is and I am looking forward to hear from you…



  3. Michael Vujas said:

    The Cleveland Catholic Cemeteries offer families at the time of need a 30 day period to pay for the expenses of the cemetery. In certain situations we have extended a payment option, with great results of timely payments. most families pay their bills.


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