Today was a Good Day

Modern Undertaking

Not all days are going to be good days. Life is full of ups and downs and days themselves can become microcosms of the roller coaster that is our brief time on Earth. It was the Shirelles who sang, “Mama Said (There’d be Days Like This),” and all of us can relate to that set of lyrics.

But today was a good day. Yes, I’m a funeral director. Yes, I deal with people in the worst times of their lives. People often tell me that they, “couldn’t do what I do.” There is a certain satisfaction to my ego when I hear that. To an extent, I agree with them. God has enabled me to have a certain sensitivity – to walk the tightrope between tender compassion and confident guidance. To experience deep sadness as I walk with a family – and yet be removed emotionally enough to shepherd them…

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