DNA trace obliterated with cremation.

DNA-model It is a fact that all traces of DNA are obliterated at the conclusion of the  cremation process.  How is your firm and funeral directors  sharing this information with the families that you are serving?  As funeral  professionals, do we have an obligation to inform families the the cremated  remains of their loved one will have no traceable medical or DNA history? As advancements in research for both medicine and science continue, what is  destroyed and unrecoverable today may have serious implications for the  future.  Let’s begin the discussion…

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  1. I own a DNA testing services company and have done several collections at funeral homes when family has requested a test. With advance of DNA techonology there are several opportunities for funeral homes with families. For example, one of the options is DNA Banking or strorage. The lab stores the DNA for 15 years or longer in the event the family should need it to establish a relationship, for ancestry or for health related needs. I offer the funeral home revenue sharing for sending me the family.


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