What are they going to say at your funeral?

funeral flag 2 I am part of a small group at church and we are conducting a study  about living a more fulfilling life. We recently had a discussion and one  of the questions was “what do you want people to say about you at your  funeral?”  After pondering the question for a bit and listening to some  other answers, I decided to share with the group that I have “cheated  death” a few times in my life. 

Frankly,  I don’t care what anyone really says at my funeral. Yes, there will be the obligatory stuff said about work ethic, successes and my service to our country. Perhaps some stories will be told that elicit laughter or even tears (I’m being a bit dramatic here). At some point the ceremony will end. Taps will sound, guns will fire, the flag folded, and then its over.  But I wont hear a thing…not a word. So what does it really matter what is said?

I want to hear the words to be spoken at my funeral today, while I am alive.  Affirmation that I am loved; when I created happiness because of some action I took or something I said; people that work alongside me enjoy my company and contributions; and my friends acknowledge that indeed, I am a friend.  Living life so that someone will say something good at your funeral just doesn’t work for me.  Say it now…so I can tell you that I love you too and I value our relationship.  Cheers Y’all.


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