Gatekeepers to progress?

lock Even Frank Zappa had something to say about blocking progress;  “without deviation of the norm, progress is not possible.” After  development and testing with real at need families with real licensed  funeral directors, I am blessed to be part of the launch for new services  and products will make impact for both funeral homes and the families  they serve.

Our industry abounds with skepticism about something new for a myriad of reasons.  Whether personal bias, fear, lack of education, laziness or just plain apathy, or “we tried that in the past and it didn’t work,” etc.etc.  Why do some stand in the way of progress expanding our value as a resource to those they serve?  Many firms are really stepping up doing a great job of not only providing the expected norm form a funeral home, but other services.  Planning seminars with legal professionals, catering for post funeral meals, aftercare/grief support, presentations/training with hospice organizations, and coordination of post death activities just to name a few.

I believe that families should be provided information so that they can make educated decisions. Relevant information is not limited to service, casket, vault, urns or traditional ancillary products.  Are we doing a good job letting a family know that after cremation all DNA and medical trace is obliterated?  Are we informing families that death certificates may be needed to close digital accounts such as Hotmail or Facebook?

What are going to be the liabilities we face for our complacency and lack of understanding about subjects that we fail to not only inform ourselves, but our families…simply because we choose not to deviate from our routines?  In our society where consumers are constantly being presented challenges to pay for their loved ones funeral expenses, make decisions about final disposition, and then cleaning up final matters like online accounts, are we really serving them well by providing information, or standing in the way of improved funeral service progress?

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