Is there DNA in cremated remains?

ashes in cremationThe question continues to arise; is there DNA in cremated remains? The fact is no DNA in cremation remains of humans which are properly cremated. Cremation temperatures in the retort range from 1400-1800 degrees and any of the organic compounds, which contain the nucleotides to derive viable strands of DNA necessary to perform the test, are destroyed.  The conversation is growing along with the rate of cremation…know the answers.

  1. There certainly seem to be a lot of people talking about cremation and its effects on DNA at the moment. As a species we are becoming pretty obsessed with DNA these days. I know there is a lot of pet cloning going on, and there seems little doubt ancestor/relative cloning could be on the way soon.


  2. Jeff Harbeson said:

    Perhaps…I personally don’t see DNA as a platform for cloning, however it’s a big world out there. DNA is most commonly used for genetic purposed.


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