Funeral Director Training

get it doneFuneral director training…how many funeral homes have a consistent training regimen for their funeral directors?  I was part of a meeting that we were challenged to list the top 10 issues/problems that are challenging funeral home owners. There was quite a range from marketing to gain new business to financial sustainability.  Most interesting to me, nearly all of the subjects could be resolved or at least part of the problem resolved with funeral director training.  Funeral director training must be mandated and supported by leadership. Meaningful and relevant funeral director training creates a culture of learning along with collective solicitation of better ideas.  Funeral director and apprentice development is enhanced by assigning topics training of their own peers.  Deliberate time for training is possible, even in the busiest of firms.

Three mornings a week for 15 minutes could make a difference in performance, morale, family satisfaction and even financial stability (how about training sessions of accounts receivable and collection of payments prior to signing a contract)?  Make the sessions fun…bring in some goodies to eat…how about a prize for the best training of the week (a lunch gift certificate).  It’s not difficult to offer funeral director training, it’s a matter of priority.

Funeral home owners; want to solve some of your problems?  Train your funeral directors and staff.  CEU’s are not sufficient or many times relevant to your funeral home needs.  Everyone can be trained and everyone needs to have training…even professional baseball players have batting coaches and take batting practice before their games.  How are you preparing your funeral directors and staff for the game?  Cheers Y’all.

  1. Howard Beckham said:

    Jeff, You are singing my song! Regular on going training is ESSENTIAL to success in a business like ours! I understand you worked with a major casket company for several years where I am sure they trained their staff, especially those who had contact with their customers consistently. I came into this business after years in sales and customer relations where we had training meeting weekly as well as occasional special training.

    When I look around the funeral homes I know of…very few do much of any training, if any training at all (this is especially true of the lousy training many new interns get) which is very evident, especially when you see a firm that that thinks to only way that they can compete is on offering a lower price.

    Perhaps the generational owners and managers do not think it is necessary because their father’s and grandfather’s did not do it. Many owners and even managers do not know how to carry on effective training, nor have the commitment once they try to hold a training session to keep it going.

    Well this is no longer your father’s world we live in if you have not noticed.

    Real training must have a point to it (an objective, a goal). It must be consistent. Must consist of measurable criteria (both lag and lead objectives). Training must have accountability from every member of the team. Must be consistent ( example: every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00am -8:30 am will be a training meeting). Must have ownership and managements FULL support. Training is NOT a gripe session and must stay on point. Gripe sessions should be delegated to other meetings.

    It baffles me that every really successful business, sports team, military units train their people to get work toward the common goal of the organizations success… why do so few businesses that do what we do ignore this fundamental principle?


  2. Jeff Harbeson said:

    You are correct sir…in an industry that prides itself on professionalism, little emphasis is on training and standards after initial licensing.


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