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old phoneSince returning from my shangri la also known as Aruba, I have jumped back into the business of doing business.  I’m continually amazed by the new entry of entrepreneurs into the funeral industry and the technology that is being introduced to consumers at their fingertips.  Recently I read the results of a communication survey conducted by Answering Service for Directors ( ASD Communications Survey).

The information provides us with a really good snapshot of how funeral homes are using technology to manage their operations and communicate with the families they are serving.  I found the data encouraging that many of us are, and continue to realize, that the more information we provide to the consumers, the funeral consumer families can make educated funeral decisions.

One of the results I found interesting was Website Merchandise Sales.  Of the survey respondents, 55% acknowledged that they were making some type of merchandise sales from their website.  As reported, 97% of the respondents had a website of some kind…I guess the 3% that don’t have a website are still enjoying resounding success with the stone tablets handed down over the generation.  My observation is that 45% of the funeral homes produce no revenue sales of merchandise from their website and the earnings that are earned are pitiful.

So who is getting the other 45% of the online merchandise sales of funeral products?  I also wonder if those other sites are generating the anemic revenue numbers as the funeral homes report?  With annual funeral industry sales in the $billions based on the survey funeral homes are clearly not capitalizing on website merchandise sales potential.  So, one must ask, “who is making direct sales to consumers from websites and what type of revenues are they realizing from consumers versus funeral homes?”

I applaud ASD for excellent work on the survey and providing us with results.  As always, I wanted to offer fodder for funeral professional discussions and just point out what I see is painfully obvious…what do you say?  Cheers y’all! #thefuneralcommander



room viewNot long ago, I posted Drinking Water From A Fire Hydrant which describes how busy we become working and living life.  I have just returned from a 2 week vacation celebrating 30 years of marriage in the paradise of Aruba.  Yes, you have permission to say “well, bless her heart” regarding my beautiful wife’s sacrifice of spending over half of her life with me.  I’m the lucky one.

As we landed in Aruba, I asked my wife to think about what has transpired from our take off in 1984 from Norfolk going on our honeymoon to landing 30 years later in 2014.  How does time go by so fast…which means in 30 short years I will be 83…really?  Reflecting on all the adventures, my kids, relationships, jobs and life over the past was great…but that was then, I live for what’s ahead.

We learned several years ago that time away is important to success.  Rest, relaxing, rekindling, and reflection (sounds like a Ritz Carlton advertisement) is essential for well being.  I sat at the desk in our gorgeous room and peered out at the spectacular view (see photo) and thought about seeing the world from a different view… way different from my office.

A different view not only from the surroundings and a visual context, but from a mental state.  For me, it seems to fully relax I have to travel to another country for a period without constant distraction of media, email and phone calls to “download.”  I had the luxury of “quiet time” everyday which consisted of an after breakfast cigar sitting in a chair with my feet in the sand and water…a different view.  During this time I reflected about life…the past and the future.

I certainly liked the view from where my “thinking” occurred and being blessed to live life for 2 weeks in such a relaxed carefree manner.  But I must say, I don’t think I could do that forever.  Most of the time while on vacation at such a wonderful place, we start thinking of how we could manage to stay at that location and survive…you know, “live on vacation.”  I could certainly work at the local cigar shop at the beach bar…but I know it wouldn’t last long.  I was ready at the end of our time in paradise to return to my life.  I know that sounds nuts; but being a Dad (the ultimate sense of purpose), excitement of what’s next, working alongside great people and daily focusing on making a difference in the world is really more appealing than selling cigars on an exotic island to me.

I had an opportunity for a different view; but one that allowed me to recharge the batteries and return to get back in the saddle of the reality of life. By they way, I have a brand new saddle on a powerful young Thoroughbred that I’ll be riding…but that will be announced in the days ahead.  For now, the countdown begins for returning to Aruba in 2015…only 50 weeks left!  Cheers y’all!



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