Can You Hear Me Now?

old phoneSince returning from my shangri la also known as Aruba, I have jumped back into the business of doing business.  I’m continually amazed by the new entry of entrepreneurs into the funeral industry and the technology that is being introduced to consumers at their fingertips.  Recently I read the results of a communication survey conducted by Answering Service for Directors ( ASD Communications Survey).

The information provides us with a really good snapshot of how funeral homes are using technology to manage their operations and communicate with the families they are serving.  I found the data encouraging that many of us are, and continue to realize, that the more information we provide to the consumers, the funeral consumer families can make educated funeral decisions.

One of the results I found interesting was Website Merchandise Sales.  Of the survey respondents, 55% acknowledged that they were making some type of merchandise sales from their website.  As reported, 97% of the respondents had a website of some kind…I guess the 3% that don’t have a website are still enjoying resounding success with the stone tablets handed down over the generation.  My observation is that 45% of the funeral homes produce no revenue sales of merchandise from their website and the earnings that are earned are pitiful.

So who is getting the other 45% of the online merchandise sales of funeral products?  I also wonder if those other sites are generating the anemic revenue numbers as the funeral homes report?  With annual funeral industry sales in the $billions based on the survey funeral homes are clearly not capitalizing on website merchandise sales potential.  So, one must ask, “who is making direct sales to consumers from websites and what type of revenues are they realizing from consumers versus funeral homes?”

I applaud ASD for excellent work on the survey and providing us with results.  As always, I wanted to offer fodder for funeral professional discussions and just point out what I see is painfully obvious…what do you say?  Cheers y’all! #thefuneralcommander



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  1. For my part I believe and practice a commercial animation we might call the customer lifecycle.

    the idea is based on a mix between the quality of our customer support cutting 4 or 5 appointments or physical phone calls and the opportunity to discuss again the existence of products and services they n ‘had not deemed appropriate at the first appointment.

    Why I am skeptical about the possibility to do the same on a website?

    Simply because the Funeral Director has spend perfect stranger to seasoned professional hand quality and compliance services provided, and an intimate relationship based on trust is née.L listening to the customer is very different from the first appointment and aptitudeà follow the advice of the Funeral Director shopping too. It is this relationship that I do not think I can build through a website, as to believe that many of our clients are autonomous in their shopping on a website and at the same time meet the business goals we set, this me seems at least naive view unreasonable.

    But this is only my opinion …

    Cheers all


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