1. Jacque Harbeson said:

    Spot On,  now that should ruffle some feathers and get the conversation going! 


  2. Jeff, I can’t get over the fact that FD’s are not using the comm box to call for your stoning. Where’s the outrage? Where are the protests? I suppose that the truth hurts and leaves them speechless. Can that be so?

    Rock on, brother.


  3. Jeff Harbeson said:

    I suppose there is not much of a reply when, as you point out, the truth is discussed. Frankly, what would the argument actually be? Thanks Ray!


  4. I recall going before the state board in 2003 when we were expanding the cremation society. One of the board members actually went on record by advising me that I should use my ability to communicate in the cause of promoting the “traditional funeral” instead of trying to “convince” people to opt for disposing of their loved ones by cremating them. Yea, those were the days.


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