Do You Remember?

dont forget

Do you remember where you were on 9/11/2001 when we were attacked on our own soil and 2977 innocent people lost their lives by terrorists?  I was traveling to Hertford NC from Greenville NC for a business meeting and I was listening to the radio in my car as the news broke that a plane had flown into the World Trade Center in New York City.  My first thoughts was about my mother in law, as at the time she was a flight attendant. Immediately I called to check on her well being and she said she was watching the tragedy unfold on television.

I stopped at a hotel and went into the lobby where I watched the plane fly into the second tower.  Speculation moved from accident to obviously a more nefarious act before our eyes.  As time inched forward, the news of a plane flying into the Pentagon and a crash was reported in rural Pennsylvania was reported.  I remember the sickening feeling watching people leaping from the buildings and brave rescue attempts…then the buildings came down.

Our country, way of life and beliefs were under attack.  As one that had looked into the eyes of those that wanted to kill Americans in Operation Desert Storm, my first instinct and thoughts were to defend against an enemy which had no thoughts of killing our people in an unprovoked attack. As the day continued and information flowed from various sources, my resolve for innate Patriotism intensified.

I returned home to my wife and sons knowing that we would never be the same, the uncertainty of not knowing what we would face from this moment in time.  At some point during the late afternoon, I went to my mailbox and there it was; my official letter of 20 years credible service as a soldier…I’m now retired.  From November 1980 to November of 2000,  I fulfilled my oath of office to protect and defend the United States of America.  But on that day, there would be no reporting for duty or deployment to fight a battle.

Do you remember how our Country came together in prayer, anger and united with a sense of protecting each other?  What’s happened to us? Why have we lost our way and resolve?  On this day, I believe we should take a step back and remember all the Americans that lost their lives that day; the innocent and the brave people that responded to the call of something bigger than themselves.  Take a moment and reflect, watch this video by Toby Keith to remember:

From the desk of The Funeral Commander; May God continue to bless America…don’t forget! #thefuneralcommander

  1. wmtvan said:

    My wife, two small children and I were in Sag Harbor, NY on September eleven. We were in a rental house in the country after attending my niece’s wedding in Long Island. We were preparing to drive our rental car to Islip Airport for a short flight to Boston that morning at 9:30 am.
    My children were watching cartoons on the TV when it was interrupted with the plane crashing into the world trade center. We were in shock and trying to contact other family members via cell phone who were also in the area. Cell phone service was not good, but we finally reached family and found them ok. We contacted the fellow we had rented the house from. He was in New York City helping with victims of the attack and said we could stay at the home as long as we needed.
    We ended up staying at the home for two more days. Then driving the rental car north to New Haven taking the fairy. Traveled two and a half days back to Nashville, Tennessee where our car was in Long term parking. I remember being in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Route 70 I believe, in a traffic backup. All the cars there had the same radio station playing America the Beautiful. I will never forget that.
    We arrived at Nashville airport and upon scanning at the parking garage, the attendant said we should go to the office as or parking fee was well over $200. After telling them our story, they did not charge us for the car storage.


  2. Jacque Harbeson said:

    I was working from home after having our 2nd child, Jackson and he was tootling around the sunroom in Greenville, NC while I was cleaning up the kitchen. I had Fox News on because that’s all we watch in our house and the 1st plane hit. 1st thing I thought of was my mother who at the time was a flight attendant for USAir. I called her to make sure she was ok. Then as I went about my morning the 2nd plane hit and then we all knew this was something a lot more than just an accident. Our lives would never be the same.


  3. Jeff Harbeson said:

    Thank you for sharing…you were really very close to all that was unfolding. I was a tragic event yet when was the last time you heard America the Beautiful on the radio?


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