Funeral News! At Need Credit Payment Plans for Funeral Consumers

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Just last week, the HelpCard sent notice to their funeral home customers that they are no longer providing credit for funeral consumers.  I have written many posts (At Need Payment PlansWho Pays Funeral CostsSecret Sauce) concerning the growing problem of funeral professionals face collecting funds for their goods and services from consumers that have limited life insurance (or none), cash or credit card balances.  At Need Credit is accepting inquiries from HelpCard funeral home customers to provide funeral payment plans.

At Need Credit offers 3 tiers of payment plans to funeral consumers ranging from excellent to poor credit ratings with no recourse to the funeral home. As a note, Danial O’Connor of At Need Credit will be a guest for interview on the October 6th Funeral Nation web show (stay tuned for details of how to view the show).  The problem of consumers having difficulty paying for funeral expenses is not going away and companies offering payment plans/credit to those with mediocre to poor credit is diminishing.  For inquiry, visit for details.  From the desk of The Funeral Commander, cheers y’all!  #thefuneralcommander #funeralnation #funeralnews

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