1. Jeff besides the predictability of the same old product being shown I would challenge you to visit with some of the up and coming suppliers that are providing true solutions to many of the problems a home faces today, not just a line extension of an existing product line. Our team attended many of the seminars offered and the consensus was that the ones focused on the real challenges and pressing issues of today’s Funeral Director were sparsely attended.


  2. Jeff Harbeson said:

    Bob, first thank you for reading and responding. If you’ll take a look at Episode 4 next Tuesday on http://www.funeralnation.tv you’ll see that I spent some time with some great new products and services. I fully concur that there is work to be done in the areas that deserve attention. For instance, how to work with families that are financially challenged or matching the goods/services statements with the GPL prices (gap in recovery). I would enjoy further conversation with you and I appreciate your input to better this industry. #thefuneralcommander


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