What The Funeral? Mortuary Ashamed of “Eccentric Employee.”

WTF 17

I rarely call out funeral homes by name simply because they usually know who they are when I write particular content. However, the high and mighty at Lindquist Mortuaries in Ogden, Utah gets a special Funeral Commander shout out! Wendy Thoresen Green was interviewed by the Standard Examiner, a newspaper in Ogden, UT  with title Meet ‘Funeral Lady,’ a Pleasant View woman who loves all things funeral-related. Linquist, WTF (What The Funeral) are you thinking by distancing  yourself from talent within your own funeral home? Please read an excerpt from the article:

Today, Green sells funeral plans for a local mortuary. We say “local mortuary” because, frankly, her boss would prefer his company not be named in a piece about Green and her obsession. She’s been called “eccentric” and “definitely not mainstream” in an industry where eccentricity and deviation from that stream isn’t exactly the dignified image mortuaries are trying to project

Now you boys don’t get your starched underwear in a wad; the article was published and as usual, I’m just pointing out the obvious.  See, we in the funeral industry are inquiring minds, we just want to know.

“Loves all things funeral related” seems to be a great headline, however this particular crowd doesn’t see it that way. Is passion and a calling into the funeral industry consdiered an “obsession?” Definition of Eccentric: (of a person or their behavior) unconventional and slightly strange. (“My favorite aunt is very eccentric.”) Maybe Wendy is not mainstream in Ogden Utah, but I shudder at the thought of what that definition may include in those parts of our country.

I have a question for the Lindquist’s Mortuary leaders: After looking at your website (with no social media links whatsoever) and seeing your staff, why are there no female funeral directors listed? Are women only relegated to pre-need sales and general staff… is that what you consider mainstream? Another question: Why you would be ashamed of someone like Wendy who projects a positive image for the funeral industry? Why wouldn’t Lindquist’s Mortuary proudly boast about such a devoted and dedicated employee?  Certainly no retribution will come as a result of her sharing her heart to the community.

Ok, all you non-Neanderthals in the business, how about let’s show the value of women in our industry and teach something about social media to the “He-man Woman Haters Club” in Ogden! I implore you to comment, post, and share this story on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Unfortunately, it appears the “leaders” don’t know much about this interweb social thing.  However, we can shed light on the darkness of their “mainstream.”

From the Command Post (West) and thick fog of cigar smoke along with being a bit pissed off about how backwards people try to push down achievers…Cheers Y’all!  #thefuneralcommander


  1. Howard Beckham said:

    Well Commander, Looks to me like Lindquist blew a great deal of free positive advertising in the community. I do not know what their problem is. Now I share the same religious beliefs as the the Lindquist family but I would love to have a full staff of bright and kind ladies as funeral directors any and everyday of the week if I ran the funeral home to see the families.Seems to me that they are still stuck in the 1970’s. They own a great big preneed company as well. We used to use them quite a bit.


  2. Jeff Harbeson said:

    It’s shameful to treat an employee (who makes money for them) with such disregard as to ask her not to mention the name of their mortuary. I understand old school and being a conservative, I don’t understand backwards.


  3. Howard Beckham said:

    Seems too many funeral home owners still have no clue that this is not their father’s and grand father’s funeral business any longer. Things are changing too fast.


  4. Anonymous said:

    I know Wendy! So proud of her for being willing to try new things and put herself out there. The funeral industry needs more of that


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