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funeral We are preparing to participate at the South Carolina Funeral Directors  Association’s 27th Mid Winter Conference and Expo.  This particular  event is well orchestrated and attended as far as State Funeral  Associations go.  As a vendor, the expense for participating at such an  event are generally high; fees, travel, lodging, meals, etc.  The ROI for  the participation often is relatively low.

My point of view is that I may see more customers in a short time period rather than meeting individually at their respective locations.  I also believe that if our team attends and supports the association events, we should at least have the consideration of the members to use our services or products.

Most associations rely on these events to raise capital for operating expenses and is an important part of their annual revenue raise.  With changes in technology and communications (Skype/Go To Meeting, Online CEU’s, etc.), are Expo/Conventions becoming irrelevant?  So, I would like feed back from those that attend, participate and display for funeral conventions…

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