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During my normal 5:30 am wake up routine, I let my dog Chylie out the door for his morning routine and I walked out onto the deck.  It’s warm!  Like 65 degrees warm on December 22 in the mountains of Virginia.  Coming back inside, I turn on the coffee maker, settle in my office, turn on the television, and fire up the computer (all part of my morning routine).  I see that our local weather forecast is for rain and a high of 71 degrees…but change is coming.  West of here traffic is snarled, power is out and the challenging weather is coming our way.

What a great metaphor for our life.  We expect something for the day, wake up and its not what we really wanted.  We wish for a change, but that may be worse than what we currently have.  Perhaps if we accept what is given to us and have joy to relish in our current circumstances, we may find life a little easier.

As for me, I am going to follow my own advice this morning.  Maybe shorts, flip flops and a Christmas sweater for church would be in order.  The song “Let it Snow” will be in my head all day…


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